Saturday, November 22, 2008

Age-Appropriate Gifts

According to my baby book, where my mother documented every happening of my life until I was about five years old, I got some cool gifts on my fourth birthday. Topping the list were Barbie and Ken, a paper doll set, and a gum ball bank. My parents gave me a Care Bear room makeover, complete with a sheet set, bedspread, and drapes.

Today, 25 years later, I celebrate 29. Topping my list of gifts were a citrus juicer and stainless steel colander. Oh, and some beautiful lilies from my best friend Welby. Aren't they gorgeous?

A citrus juicer, a colander, and vase of fragrant lilies make for quite the age-appropriate gift for an almost-30 mom who loves to cook and enjoys nature and natural essences. Much more practical than gum ball banks and Care Bear linens. But I have to confess. I still have one of the pillowcases from the Care Bear set. The years have made it soft and worn, and I feel special when I use it on my pillow at night. Some gifts break the age barrier.

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