Friday, November 7, 2008

Foodie Friday: Real Simple's Recipes

Real Simple magazine's website has a recipe section. Not all of the recipes sound like something I'd enjoy, but they all seem easy to make, have relatively inexpensive ingredients (as if ANY food item is inexpensive in this economy), and a lot are kid-friendly, which in my case means they are husband-friendly, too. Even better, though, the Real Simple recipes aren't just the ho-hum, same-old dish. I like a little adventure in my kitchen.

Take this Slow-Cooker Lasagna, for instance. It's a vegetarian friendly, new take on a classic dish. The chard and fresh herbs give it an edge that a lot of veggie lasagnas lack. It's also a slow- cooker meal, so put that baby in the Crock-Pot while you do other tasks. I actually made it in the oven, too, when I didn't have time for a slow-cooker meal, and it turned out beautifully. Best of all, this dish makes a lot. I froze the leftovers in individual containers and had them two-three weeks later for lunches.

A convenience about Real Simple's recipes is that you can sign up to have them email you a recipe daily. I've tried a few (ok many, many, many) of these "recipe-a-day" types of emails, but Real Simple's is more useful than any other I've found because the recipes actually appeal to me, and the layout of the email is nice and snappy.

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