Thursday, November 20, 2008

Road Trip

I just kissed the boys goodbye: Buzz and Spark are off on their first ever guys-only road trip. They are taking a four-day weekend to a wedding. Buzz's brother is getting hitched.

At first, we planned on the whole family making the trek to Alabama for this wedding, but the closer it got, the more I realized that I was still too tired from our last Alabama trip (in late September) to make another one so soon with two young kids. I don't think it's sitting too well with the in-laws that Buzz and I decided that just he and Spark would make the trip. Flower, who is still nursing, will stay in Texas with me. But, we decided to do it this way for a lot of reasons:

1. I have two health conditions that cause fatigue: anemia and an underactive thyroid. We've been on two long trips already this year with both kids, and when Mommy's around, they both want me to do everything for them. It's tiring.
2. Flower has just started crawling and is at the very curious, exploring, won't-sit-still stage right now. 15 hours in a car does not sound like a good time for Martia.
3. Thanksgiving is in one week. I need some time to prepare for a wonderful vacation at home with the family.
4. Spark and Buzz have never gone on an extended trip alone, and with Buzz's crazy work schedule, this will give them some time to really connect with each other for a while--without any womenfolk interfering.

Spark is so incredibly excited about going on a trip with Daddy, though. And, Mommy is so incredibly excited, too. I'll definitely miss them, and already look forward to seeing them again. But, a few days without so much testosterone around? Oh, yeah!

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