Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Prayer of a Preschooler

Spark has recently acquired a Frosty the Snowman DVD, courtesy of his grandma. He LOVES this movie. A couple days ago, he looks at me and says very seriously, "I want it to snow so that I can make a snowman with my Daddy."

I looked at Buzz; Buzz looked at me. Oh, boy. As parents, we want our kids to have what they want within reason. And what is the harm in playing in the snow with Daddy?

The problem with this request is that we live in south-central Texas, a place where it has snowed barely one inch in the almost 5 years that we have lived here. It's December 9, and we finally broke down and turned on our air conditioner last night. Yes, after Flower woke up for the second time with a sweaty head, I said, "Buzz, go ahead, turn it on." He very willingly obliged.

So, I couldn't tell Spark with any certainty that it would snow. The weather here is unpredictable. And, if it does snow a few flakes, it's highly unlikely enough will accumulate to provide what's necessary to build our very own Frosty. How do you explain this to a four-year old? Instead of trying to discuss climate patterns, I told him, "Spark, you're going to have to pray and ask Jesus to send you some snow."

He and Buzz prayed right then for some snow so that they could make a snowman.

Later that night, I tucked Spark into bed and told him as I always do, "Don't forget to pray." A little while later, I walked past his room, and I heard him praying, "Dear Jesus, please let it snow so I can make a snowman with my Daddy." He paused. "And please let it be on Christmas Day."

My first thought was, "Gee, Spark, you're already asking for snow in a snowless land, and you want to be specific about the day?" But then, I realized how completely innocent his request is. He's asking God for what he wants, but more than that, he's sweetly trusting that he will get some snow to make a snowman with his Daddy. We've been talking a lot about Christmas, and he's very excited about this special day. (He's also learned about the magic of Christmas snow from Frosty, and I think he might think his snowman will come to life if he is made from Christmas snow.)

It would surely take a miracle for it to snow here at all, but I have added this request to my prayers as well. I'm also praying that I will have the sincerity of my preschooler in my own prayer life.


shopannies said...

what a great child and husband you have and yet the bible says be specific when you pray

Laura said...

I love the prayers of a child. So sweet. Thanks for joining Gratituesday!

Allison said...

The faith of a child is so pure! He is asking the Provider of miracles for what's important to him. Too sweet!!

Anonymous said...

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